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about this.

The evening was a fabulous shop window for our Club so we are enormously
grateful to Juliet Sprake and Jayne Wadsworth for making it happen, and
we mustn’t forget that Rollapaluza very kindly ran the evening for us for free.
Many years ago we sold them their first 4-up rig, though if anything remains
of that I’m not sure - this one seems to have had every single component on
it upgraded and properly machined to a high standard.

Full results can be found at

The brief mention of World Championship medal winners there, so here is a

bigger one. Our glorious World Championship Team got 6 medals between


· Alan Rowe –      in the pursuit and   in the Time Trial

· Brian Dacey –    in the 75+ Scratch and  in the Sprint

· Juliet Sprake –  in the Time Trial

· Michael Rice –   in the Scratch Race

So proud of our team, not forgetting Peter Jenn giving strong support and
anecdotes throughout.

Only a week to go and then it’s the Belgium Night, celebrating a few things
that are Belgium, though mostly things that are not. I’ve never been entirely
happy with the use of Belgium as an adjective, but that’s fine, since there’s
not actually very much that is Belgium about the evening. There will be
moustaches (not exclusively Belgium), Cliff and Carol Steele (not Belgium),
stripey T-shirts (close but not Belgium), wine (from across La Manche but
not Belgium), accordion music (similar) a menu which tends to be written in
France (possibly Wallonia?) and all in support of our great club which was
founded by a gentleman from Elephant & Castle whose family had been
England for about 15 generations, but before that, (not) Belgium

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