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P. 6

In 2005 the committee agree to
purchase a colour laser printer which was
the first time I could print straight from
the computer and it printed on both
sides but I still had to sort and put

                                               together all the pages, then in 2013
                                               our latest printer that collates all
                                               the pages for me.

                                               The first DLN was one sheet produced
by the late Frank Holland in 1929 during the 86 years that it has been publish
in has had 15 Editors, I have done a longer stint than any body else now in
my 22nd year, Frank Holland had 3 terms totaling 24 years.
So this is the 1000 issue of which I have been Editor for the last 267 so
please keep sending me your input, it would be nice to hear from some of our
members that we never see now, just to tell us what you are doing and how
life is treating you.

                                                     Mark Ballamy

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