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My first involvement came with the printing of the DLN, started in 1953 whenI
agree to do the printing of if, at that time
we had a Roneo duplicator (this was
purchased in 1933) that you had to feed
every page in by hand one at a time and
turn the handle. Not only was I printing
the De Laune News but also the regular
news sheets that were giving information
about our fourth coming promotion "The
Festival of Cycling" at the Crystal Palace.
Following the success of this promotion
we were able to by a new Gestetner

                                                   duplicator that you were able to
                                                   put a stack of paper in and just
                                                   turn the handle to produce every
                                                   page, this I continued until I moved
                                                   to Canada in 1957.

                                                   I cannot quite remember when I
                                                   got involve again but it was some
                                                   time either in the late 80's or
early 90's when I was doing the printing on my office photo copier and during
this time we change from the A4 format to A5, this continued until I retired
from business in 1996. No one else came
forward to take on this task so I purchased
a photo copier and carried on with the job
of doing the printing from home.

Having also taken over the job as Editor for
a short time in 1993 until a new editor could
be found, this has never happen, and also I
had to buy another photo copier.

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