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h           October 2017             No. 1023- 88  Year
                CLUB NIGHT
             SECOND MONDAY
             OF EACH MONTH                 1889 DE LAUNE 2017
            104 BURBAGE ROAD                   CYCLING CLUB
             LONDON SE24 9HE
                                        All the President’s pen

             PRESIDENT                      I was sad not to get to the OMA 10
        WILLIAM WRIGHT                      on  the  16th  September,  but  the
         61a Burns House
           Kennington                       report on the website shows it was
            SE17 3SX                        well supported. If the photos are to
               020 7735 9605
                                            be  believed,  no  actual  cycling  took
                CHAIRMAN                    place,  but  Steve  Carter-Smith
            ROY SAVERY        completed a full English in 8:56, with David Haggart
             01959 777455
                              a close second in 9:07. Terry Deeley had been training
             SECRETARY        hard and had hoped for a victory but was delayed by
          JEREMY WHITE        a runny egg that cost him 30 seconds.
          101 Manor Park
                  SE13 5RQ
            07565 151457

             8b Wellfield Road
                  SW16 2BP
               07580 813114
         388 Elmers End Road  There  were  special  appearances  from  Garry  Birch,
             Beckenham        who opted for the handicap egg on toast, and from
           Kent, BR3 3HG
                              Roy Savery, fresh from his heroic attempt on the
            0208 658 7419
                              End to End. The website pics show Roy in fine fettle,
                              he now needs a belt to hold his legs on.

                              Many  thanks  to  Len  Brown  who's  organising  the

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