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Saturday.  At  around  2-30  we  all  meet  up  at  Penzance  Station  to  be
       transported down to Land’s End Hotel which was nice and the food was
       great, especially for a veggie. Food was the best for the whole trip.

      On Sunday  we set off to Tavistock and were on our way at about 9 am
       after  photos, and first town Penzance 2  Redruth plus all the hills and
       very narrow lanes. I felt so great. There were 6 in our group -  8 to start
       with but 2 woman, mother and daughter  had to drop out. Just not up to
       it, they should not have been here. Tavistock was our first destination.
       It was hard terrain but I made it ok. These are the towns we made for
       each night. Tavistock 93.3 miles,  2  night Cheddar 97.5 miles. 3  night
       Ludlow 94.8 miles,  4  night Chorley North 114.7.  This night the whole
       group and 2 BA guys stood up  and clapped me in.  13 in total. There were
       5 in the faster group.  It was very emotional for me.  5  night Carlisle.
      This day was the beginning of my downfall.  It was raining heavily and
       very cold. The wind was coming from the north.

      After a coffee stop I started to realise
       that  the  79  hours  target  was  not
       realistic and the 9 days became my goal.
       6  night was Cumbernauld 109.5 miles.
       Saturday the 7  day I had to give up, I
       was so fatigued. I did 70 miles this day
       and was just too hard. This day we went
       through Gretna Green and I shouted out
       to a lady, would  you marry me, she said
       only if you had enough money.

       I got very close to Fort William.

      On the last day I did ride into John o
       Groats  with all the group.  The night
       before we stayed in a town called

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