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                    OMA 10 - 16  September 2017

          Well, what a morning.   After a windy wet week we were blessed with a wind
       free, sunny but chilly morning.   We waited in anticipation, not knowing exactly
       who was going to turn up to ride, we were not disappointed as we had 7 riders,
       with Malcolm leading the way.

          As usual Mike Peel pushed the riders on their way with Tony timekeeping,
       assisted by Val.   All riders were met by Kav, Stack and Tich at the turn and
       all returned safely to Tony at the finish.

          We were spoilt by the cheering crowds of Terry Deeley, Len and Pat Brown,
      Trish Rudd and Chris Gordon Coker's wife (sorry I didn't have time to discover
       the name).    Garry Birch also appeared early on, no one had seen him for
       decades but the banter flying around made it appear he had never been away.
       Peter Jenn turned up just as everyone was de-camping to the cafe in Lenham

               To get to the business end of the morning the times were

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