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Actual time       +/- on Vets Standard

       Chris Gordon Coker               25:13                  +1:56

       Steve Carter Smith               25:34                  +2:10

       David Haggart                    26:27                  +0:47

       Roy Savery                       28:48                  +3:12

       Dave Rudd                        28:58                  +0:16

       Malcolm Adams                    29:34                  +1:24

       Chris Chalet                     36:24                   -7:32

          Fastest on Scratch and the holder of the D&K Fuller 25  Anniversary
                             Chris Gordon Coker – 25.13
               Fastest on Standard and the holder of the Alf Baldwin Cup
                                 Roy Savery - + 3.12
               Roy also takes an Age Standard Record for an 81 year old.
               When the hard work was over 15 of us descended upon the cafe in
       the village centre where we were joined by 2 members of the San Fairy Ann
      CC (Roger Brimstead and Dick Naylor), Len and Pat had snuck round the
       corner for their breakfast so that they could get served quicker  !!!!     There
       was a remark made that we had more helpers than riders this morning which
       wasn't quite true, 7 riders but just 6 helpers (2 timekeepers, 1 pusher off
       and 3 turn marshals).     This is the very reason why we ask that riders
       indicate  that  they  would  like  to  ride  the  club  events,  otherwise  these  6
       dedicated helpers would have a wasted journey if nobody at all turned up on

                 Be warned - Garry Birch has stated he will be riding in 2018 (we
       have that noted on record), there is an indication Mike Rice will also be back.
                 All in all a good morning out – if you weren't there you missed
       some great entertainment.

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