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       I chose to ride Land’s to John o Groats to bring  attention to the plight
       of the people of Haiti. We at the Jela Foundation are trying to raise 1
       million pounds towards building 6 water purification plants. The people
       of Haiti need these water plants to provide them with clean, safe water.
       I have been interested in the problems of Haiti since June 1983 and
       when I meet a guy from Haiti.  We became good friends and I wanted
       to help, not only giving money but helping by giving time and effort to
       help  people  in  real  need.  We  in  the  Western  World  take  water  for
       granted, all we have to do is turn on a tap. They have to walk 5,6,7,8
       miles to get water from a plant that Jela set up, but we need another 6

       Please send me a cheque payable to Jela Foundation and know that you
       are helping people in real need .  Every penny goes to helping these people
       not to any crooked government. Go to and see
       what is being done.

       My effort
       I chose a company to go with Bike Adventures and their  9 days challenge,
       plus I wanted to also do the distance inside 79 hours, which was a little

       I got to Penzance on Friday so that I could relax, getting in a day early,
       ready for meeting the rest of the group in Penzance on Saturday at
       around 2-30pm. I stayed  the night in the Queens Hotel right on the
       waterfront.   After dinner I went for a walk down to the harbour, and
       got talking to some guys fishing.  They were pulling in mackerel  3  and
       4 to a line. They offered me a go which I gladly accepted and I landed
       9 in about 8-9 minutes. There were  2 Dolphins in the harbour herding
       in the fish towards the guys fishing. I have never seen anything like it,
       it was so exciting.

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