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Guinness World Records

What have you started Nigel?

I am, or was also a Guinness World Record holder although you have a larger
share of a World Record title.

To explain, back in 1982, 4th September, to be precise, Lyn, our 2 girls, and I
were at Brands Hatch for the SE Region of the Camping and Caravanning
Club of GB’s ‘Feast of Lanterns’ and 8,659 of us joined together to set a
record for the world’s longest Conga.

At the time this was quite a feat, but on the 13th March 1988 at the Calle
Ocho Festival in America 119,986 people pulverised our record. I think your
record may be safe from the Americans as they don’t drink tea..... well, in
Boston maybe!
Anymore De Laune claimants?


                                  Club Members celebrating
                                   birthdays in September

                                            6th John Darroch
                                        12th Sarah Archdeacon
                                         14th Maureen Jackson

                                            20th Adam Glasser
                                              20th Mike Rice

                                           22nd John Kavanagh
                                            24th Clif Pendleton
                                           24th Michael Moore

                                              24th Len Brown
                                              25th Len Double
                                         27th Brian Shambrook
                                            30th Terry Deeley

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