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fight to get it back, hallucinating and having long out load conversations with
Alberto Contador who was saying to stop and sleep now... and much more!
...and these guys made the finishers party!!!
Most of the talk from the organisers was an unapologetic conformation of
how much harder the race was this year to last year. Not just the fact it
was 600km longer, and that the checkpoints were harder, but mostly the
weather was far tougher. Last year the riders had tail winds and cooler
temperatures. This year everyone was faced with horrific head winds or
crosswinds from start to finish, plus one of the hottest summers.
I think this is summed up by the 25 hardcore finishers in the finishers photo
out of the 203 starters!
I hope they don't make it harder again next year as I really would like to be a
member of this exclusive club.

        - What is it with all of this wind? Greece tried to hold me hostage by
making me ride the last 70 miles to the boarder into a block head wind and
in Turkey I have spent the afternoon cycling on the hard shoulder of the
motorway into a head wind. Not my greatest day on a bike! I started riding
at 3 this morning but still have about 100 miles to go so it's 1 more hotel
stop for me. At least being in Turkey dinner is good. I have also pretty much
eaten my body weight in ice cream today, my mouth is so sore from the sun,
wind and sweets it's the best thing for me - honest.
Got to finish tomorrow

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