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and chatting for 5 mins was usually enough to spur them on and visa versa.
For anyone thinking of entering the TCR next year... It is not an event where
you will see Europe, enjoy cultures or even like riding your bike necessarily, it
is a race where you test your limits on an hour by hour basis, you endure
Misery, pain and suffering nearly all of the time, but it is addictive and
brilliant and I will back to do it again, along with TransAmerica and hopefully
many others. I think I have found my new sport and am looking forward to
getting back on the bike next week to start training.
Now it's all about Jayne, so let's will her little dot speedily to the finish line.
I'm also willing some of our new friends we found out on the road a speedy
last few days... Allez allez Jayne, @Alain Rumpf and @Derek Brown ...and
everyone else still racing.

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