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now so out if true. Katie ride back to the nearest town to see if she could
find a mechanic in a bar or cafe, it was early Saturday evening and everything
closes at noon on Saturday until Monday morning. We found a guy who knew
mechanic and the wheel was fixed just in time for us to grab some quick food
and head to bed

                   Just taken my first ever fall of my bike! Landed on head and
right shoulder, but came off much less injured than we thought I would have.
Right arm sore, left arm still useless, but legs and bike are fine so we are
peddling on

Big Day! So we left Slovenia and crossed the boarder into Croatia in the very
early hours. First thing to happen was I took a fall from my bike onto my head,
but am miraculously fine. Although sad to leave Slovenia we were quickly
impressed by Croatia, the roads were good and as it was a Sunday traffic
was light. Although being Sunday everything was shut apart form petrol
stations. Thankfully Croatia have had the best petrol stations yet, every
50km we would stop and eat as in pic. We covered 350km yesterday to get
to checkpoint 3, but 15km from it we were caught in the biggest most
frightening electrical storm I have witnessed, it was more like a film set. The
sky was being lit up all around us with lightening bolts coming down in all
directions, in the pitch black what started out as impressive quickly became
terrifying as we soon found ourselves directly in the middle if the storm. With
gusts of wind that were breaking trees around us, we couldn't keep the bikes
upright, then the torrential rain started. With nothing around us we kept
going a bit, but were two very
frightened bunnies. By chance
we then came across a bus
shelter, got in it and wrapped
ourselves up in our foil blankets,
and then waited out the storm.
Got to checkpoint just before
midnight. Now in Bosnia... Will
update later.

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