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we catch up and remain/increase our lead.

                 - Chimp Paradox! So for the first 150km of today I battled with
my chimp who was sat on my shoulder constantly telling me to quit. Telling

                                     me that the pain and suffering was not worth
                                     enduring for a cocktail party in Istanbul!! By
                                     lunch time I had pulled myself together and won
                                     that particular battle. The roads were long and
                                     straight, so it was just on the tri bars staring
                                     at the tarmac hour after hour so not a lot to
                                     report. The only new development is my left
                                     hand no longer has any strength or dexterity
                                     so I have to use my right hand to change both
                                     sets of gears. It won't even grasp a fork... Very
                                     inconvenient! 6 days in I have concluded 5
                                     things are essential to me completing this
                                     beast 1) painkillers, 2) coke 3) red bull 4) micro
                                     napping at any
opportune moment 5) your messages! Although
when thinking rationally we know that the elation
of completing will be worth the torture, but when
sleep deprived and loosing the will with the bikes
we forget this and it's the messages that make
us do the next hour, so a big thank you. Sending
all our best and speedy recovery to those who had
accidents today.

         Here are #20 Alain Rumpf plus the women's pair # 178a &
  # 178b Katie & Jane. We enjoyed some Italian pizza together on Friday
evening near Trieste, the evening after I had to scratch due to sciatica, so
they helped to cheer me up. Thanks. They're all thinking that a 16 day finish
is more likely than 15 days so I'm looking forward to celebrating with them at
the finish-line cafe next Sunday.

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