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has just peddled balancing her shoes on the little SPD's. No pulling up on the
hills plus a struggle to keep her feet on the peddles in the rain. She is a
cycling machine and nails! 2moro we are going to try and get her some flat
peddles or baskets. 4) I can not feel any of my toes...not sure what that is
about. 5) On a positive the Weather was better, bit of rain and head wind

                                    but not too strong, and Another 300km done
                                    eat, sleep, ride, repeat!
        - No words!! And the hardest day on paper faces us tomorrow.
Pic shows first glimpse of Mt Ventoux, we will start our assent at 4am. Will
try and write more 2moro. 920km done 3180km to go. Motto of the day...
Everything passes!

                 bitter sweet day. Hands down the hardest day I have ever had
on a bike and probably in life in general! However we conquered the first
checkpoint of Ventoux... Now I know people say it's windy, but seriously that
was ridiculous, enough to stop ur bike dead, and poor Jayne was on flat

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