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members who had lost their lives in the Second World War and whose names
appear on the Club Memorial. (In fact, he was the last remaining member to
have joined the club prior to the war, so it was a very moving occasion when
he met up with Bernard Palastanga’s sister, Margaret, at the 2007 service.
Margaret lived on the Kent coast and had frequently driven through Newnham
unaware that her brother’s name was engraved on the memorial. This only
became known to her when her young granddaughter was involved in a school
project on the Second World War. Her granddaughter googled her great-
uncle’s name and was directed to the De Laune website, thus leading to the
connection with the Club Memorial).

George became Vice President of the club and was an Honorary Life Member;
he was awarded his 50-year membership tumbler in 1988 and in 1992 was
presented with the Gold Badge of Honour for services to the club.

He was one of those post-war members
who guided the club into the Fifties and
Sixties – probably the most successful
period in the club’s history. He will be
sorely missed, as demonstrated by the
large number of people who attended his
funeral on Thursday, 23rd July at the
Downs Crematorium in Brighton, including
many members of the club, namely John
and Pat Kavanagh, Roy Chittleborough
and Maureen, Derek Boon and Marion,
Mark Ballamy, Roy Savery, Malcolm and
Lyn Adams, Tony and Val Peachey and myself. A few of us were intrigued by
the choice of the entrance and recessional music, which were recordings from
a Welsh Male Voice Choir. Pat explained that her mother, Phyllis, was one
hundred percent Welsh!

Our sincere condolences go to Pat and Peter and their families.

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