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                                       1921 - 2015

 7th July 1938, having been proposed by Ron Hoare and seconded by Ken Hill.

On their first Sunday club run, George and his friend Reg Howard, who had
 joined the club on the same day, rode to the Windmill pub on Clapham
Common; they set off at 9.00 am sharp for their first stop, which was Mrs
Curd’s at Godstone. By lunch time they had arrived at their destination
 where they had sandwiches and lemonade (the older members were allowed
 a pint of beer). Off they set again until it was time for tea, which was bread
 and jam, and as much tea as they could drink, all for 1/6d! This was to be
 the forerunner of many excursions into the countryside around London with
 occasionally an overnight stop at a youth hostel. On one of these stopovers
 near Brighton, George and Reg met up with a large party of De Laune
 members, 26 in all, who had cycled from London on a training ride. Whilst
 having tea together Reg regaled the group about the happenings at the
 hostel the previous night explaining the full details, with the aid of lumps of
 sugar, of exactly how George had broken his collar bone! Interspersed with
 the club runs, George also tried his hand at racing, mainly ‘25s’ and ‘30s’
 with the occasional ‘50’ time trial. Although not the fastest on the road,
 he picked up numerous handicap prizes.

All these good times were about to end as war loomed on the horizon and
 George, together with so many other club members, was to have his world
 changed. In March 1941 he was required to register for military service and
 in June 1943 had joined the Royal Naval Air Service. In November of that
 year he was off to Canada to train as a navigator. In a letter dated 27th
 December 1943 which was published in the DLN, George wrote:

“Many thanks for the DLN which I have just received from home. We have
 spent a nice white Christmas. Some people in the town invited us out for
 the day with big eats and plenty of fun, but I missed the usual mild and bitter.
The people seem to be TT but they have given us a good time.

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