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Jayne finished in the T.C.R on the 10th August and on Saturday after myself
and Royboy met up with Jayne and her girl friend Leo to buy them a beer at
a pub in Herne Hill. We were then join by Clive Wiesbauer he is the person who
put Katie in touch with Jayne to ask her if she would join her in the
Transcontinental Race, later we were joined by Patrick Hawkins and Ulrike von
Salden (both second claim members of the club).

I have never spent so much time looking at a computer screen as I did for 16
day watching the little blue dot from her tracker come up on the screen every
5 minutes as she raced across Europe (

                                          When the dot stop moving I got quiet
concerned in case something had happened to her, it is hard to imagine how
her mother and father must have felt as they were also following her, I think
her father ask her to hand over her passport when they met her at the airport
on her return so that she would not do it again next year - we will have to
wait and see.

There were 200 starters in this race of which I think 9 were ladies and when
the official finishing list was closed only 69 riders had completed the course
Jayne being one of these in 64th place and the only lady to finish her time
16days-12hours-5min. I think in all about 80 have now reached the finish,

and as I write this on the 24th August there is one rider David Coulon who
still has 618km to go to the finish.

And on a last note the organisers have invited me to their party in London
for the riders at a later date.


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