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So we were up and out
at 04:30 as usual this morning to
complete the climb we should have
done the night before the Col D'Izoard, in the dark it makes it much easier!
Then across the Italian border into Sestriere and the second check point.
Katie and I were met by the organisers to say we were the first female riders
to pass, hurrah!

Then began the hard work on to the A'siette(forgive all of my spellings of place
names). This is basically a 60km MTB trail, yes mountain bike, which we had
to comets in our expensive carbon vines with all of our luggage on board. It
was a hairy rude to say the least. We had to nurse Katie's bike through to
make sure the fractures to her frame weren't made worse. It took us 8 hours
to complete 40km! Although I think this was about an average sort of time.
1 poor guy had 8 punctures along the way.

The scenery was amazing but with such hard work to get over the trail we
had pretty much lost our sense of humour and appreciation. Still the film
crew as usual were there to greet us. Seems we are their big headline act
each day!
Once over that col we then had to climb Finestre. But at least we had a great
descent through the trees at the end. Finally TT position to get us to Turin
for the night.

We are still behind schedule due to the last 2 really hard days fingers crossed

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