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peddles not cleats, and 9 - 12% must be tough when u can't pull up. We were
very slow up and down but we got there and we're thrilled to have a stamp
on our brevet. Then the next 100km was lovely Provence then the Alps with
blue skis... What's not to love. Plus it's the first time in 4 days that I wasn't
down on my tri bars staring at the pavement just 2m in front of me. Today
the scenery was spectacular and worth looking at from time to time. 50km
from briancon the body started screaming, and there was no way I was going
to make it to Italy today. We did 240km with 4000m of climbing on very tired
legs. The additional 2000m of climbing to get to Italy wasn't going to happen!
In fact the last 50km to briancon nearly didn't happen as I battled with my
will power. I was well aware this trip would be super hard, but I didn't expect
quite so much accute pain. Today it was sore feet, knees, calves, lower back,
skinless backside, 7 ulcers, cold sore and split lips... But it was my choice to
do this I have to keep telling myself right must go, only three hours till were
up again.

We have climbed two mountains this morning and have made checkpoint two.
Plus I was the First Lady through checkpoint which is a nice added bonus
rewarded with cuppa tea and breakfast. Now if everyone could keep their
fingers crossed that my bike holds over next 60km of gravel track at over
2000m. It has already broken some bikes and their's wasn't already broken!
Here goes!

                  So it's been a tough couple of days. Ventoux was very windy
and I had to climb it in flat pedals, no cleats, thanks to my knee! Any way we

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