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- hideous head wind all day, gusting up to 70km/hr. Nerve injury in hand
now spread to whole arm, so couldn't hold handlebar with two hands which
was dodgy in the wind on the shit Italian roads. Hopefully I will be able to get
back on the tri bars if the roads improve, as that helps my arm. The only
other thing to report is that we and many other dots around us, have resided
ourselves to the fact that we won't make the finishers party frown the gravel
pass just ate Aintto otuhr teimesttooamrutch. To bed I must go as up again at 2am.

                                                    . Looks like a good ride today but
                                       what went wrong at the end?

                                                 broke a spoke, unbelievably spoke to
                                       a random guy on the street who knew an ace
                                       mechanic who fixed it at 9:30 this evening
                                       so back on the road tomorrow. What an

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