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- Sleep Deprivation! So having had between 3-4hrs sleep for 10
days now, plus none on the start night, I feel it's really starting to catch up

                                                         with me. First 3 hrs of today
                                                         were such a battle to keep
                                                         awake despite red bull, coke
                                                         and caffeine tablets! Bodies
                                                         have just had enough! Bosnia
                                                         has Been very different to
                                                         how I expected, nicer, with
                                                         beautiful forested mountains,
                                                         however this meant we had
                                                         to cross them. Climbing
                                                         several peaks including
                                                         through the Olympic ski
                                                         stations. This in turn has
meant a slow old day on the bike covering only 240km frown emoticon we are
now in Sarajevo and will make an early start in the morn as we have many
more mountains to climb. I have decided that this is far more like the hunger
games than a cycle race... The cycling aspect is
such a small part of it, it's just about surviving.
Mechanicals, injures, illness, fatigue, hunger,
dehydration, navigation, sleep deprivation...these
are all reasons why people are quitting at a rapid
rate. Oh and earlier I nipped into the woods for a
quick pee stop, taking my bike as Jayne was
already up the road, got back on bike afterwards
rode just 20m maybe and noticed the land mine
signs...oops no more peeing in the bushes for me.

                - So 2 days in Bosnia complete and I never need to come back!
It's a very poor neighbour to Slovenia and Croatia. It's a huge country with
very little in it, sure the countryside looks beautiful initially but that soon
gives way to scrub and boulders and there is litter everywhere. Very few towns
or villages, hardly any people or animals. Sarajevo feels like a very aggressive
city and needless to say it was raining! There's an awful lot of hills here too.

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