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I am alive, I am in Greece, I have had another puncture, a dog did

jump on the back of my bike, I can't find an ATM in the whole of Greece (there's
a clue about why their economy is failing), I did have lunch crouched under a
very small tree roadside, the only bit of shade I could find, I have just eaten
an entire bar of chocolate so am off to sleep!

                        Lunch yesterday in Macedonia

              - DAY 15 - Jaynes not going to make the finishers party tonight,

as she has found the dog chases just too frightening to push on after sunset,

so we hope she will be in tomorrow evening, along with quite a big batch

of other riders (that just says party number two will be in order).

Although      the

finishers party is

tonight, the official

finish cut off is not

till Monday, so all

being well she will

definitely be an

official finishers and

first female

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