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It already feels like a life time ago that i last rode my bike and can't wait to
get back on it tomorrow and start my recovery rides (Jayne has given me
strict instructions).Although Jayne and I can both conclude that it was
physically the hardest and most demanding event/adventure we have ever
endured, we both also loved it, and have both agreed to do it again next year.
We wont be riding together however, as our paces are just too different. But
we sat on the plane, discussing what we will and won't do next year, how we
can improve and what kit we will change etc.
Mike Hall the organiser concluded that all though he wont make the
route/checkpoints any easier than this year, he can't imagine the weather
could be so tough on us again, so tried to assure us it wouldn't at least ever
be any harder than it was this year.
I would like to say a massive thank you to Mike, Camille, Red, Barney and all
the other TCR team and volunteers who made it just such an incredible
experience. But an even bigger MASSIVE thank you to all of you who
supported Jayne and I via dot watching, and amazing messages of support,
you really can't believe how much it motivated us. See you next year xxx
p.s. a pic of our bags that i forgot to put up before... she might not be
organised, tidy, or good at packing, but boy can she ride a bike!

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