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- Just checked into a hotel I Komotini and waiting for my souvlaki to
be brought to my room. If I wasn't so tired I would be enjoying this lifestyle!

                                              So today was very picturesque, you
                                              got the gist from my earlier posts
                                              however that was posted this morning
                                              before we again got slammed by a head
                                              wind all afternoon. It begs the question

        Perfect cycling tan!

are we riding this in the right
direction. Had we gone East to West
we would've been blown to Belgium!

So tomorrow is going to be a big day,
I need to do @250 miles to finish
and believe me I am ready for it to be over. Nothing hurts except my feet -
Can't wait for a beer!

Ah to be beside the sea, breakfast in the Greek Riviera after having found
the only ATM in the country. Happy days!

                   Jayne is now in Turkey on the final straight She is hoping to
come in late tonight but I think it may be tomorrow now from looking at the
map. I have spoken to her on the phone and she sounds tired but determined.
Last night was the finishers party in Istanbul. The Turkish tourist board
kindly put on a roof top cocktail party for the 150 guests. A great evening
was had by all and as well as the award ceremony, it was a chance for racers
to take to the stage and tell unbelievable stories of what they have endured...
from crashing into backs of cars when u fall asleep cycling, taking 12 hrs to
get across 50km of gravel pass, killing wild dogs in self defence, being shot
at, chasing down a thief who had stolen his bike and having to have a fist

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