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Thus afternoon we crossed into Montenegro which feels much more gentile,
although it's boiling hot, cycling in 42 degrees is hard work. Oh and all of our
3 Garmins failed yesterday leaving us routeless. We do have paper maps but
they are difficult to work with. Going to try a master restart in a minute and
fingers crossed they will be restored. It's midnight, way too late, don't think
we will be leaving at 4 tomorrow. We are just down the road from CP 4 so we
should have that under our belts in the morning
Thanks to you all for your support it is re helpful and much appreciated

         Too Much! It's late so I will be brief. We have left Bosnia and now in
Montanegto. We were pleased to leave Bosnia. The scenery was spectacular
but we weren't s huge fan of much else, plus the spectacular scenery loosed
its appeal when we had to climb it. We covered just shy of 300km through
the mountains, 7 or so climbs I think. (6 too many on my little legs) The first
half through stunning forested and rocky gorges. Second half through a much
more barren landscape in 42c! With 50 to go I ran out of steam, with 30km
to go my right leg had died, and Jayne like the superwoman she is took my
bag for me in the hope I would be able to peddle with just one leg quicker. With
10km to go the tears were in full swing and I was unequivocally quitting!!! But
somehow I have been talked around and will attempt my worst nightmare
which is the traffic of Albania. That's after an accent of the mighty Mt Lovcen.
Will try to right more tomorrow.

                 - CP4 achieved easily this morning and even bumped into some
of our new friends on the final climb. We stayed in Kotor last night, very lively
town on the lake. Montenegro is definitely a place I would like to go back to.
We then moved quickly on to Albania, nice downhill roll. Unfortunately the temp
was 48 degrees and it was like cycling in an oven!
We crossed the border into Albania with no problems at all. It seems though
that English is not really spoken so miming has been the name of the game
so far!
Unfortunately Katie has taken a bit of a turn for the worse I think with a bit
dehydration so we are current holed up in a restaurant waiting for energy to
lift. Not such a bad thing as yes you've guessed it there is the afternoon
thunder storm! We are going to see how she feels in the morning and decide

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