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- She's done it will update again when she has had time to
think and speak.

The Transcontinental Race
Jayne Wadsworth becomes the only female finisher of the Transcontinental
Race 2015 in a time of 16 days // 12 hours // 5 minutes. A track rider by
discipline Jayne agreed to join a pair in the race with just 10 days notice and
no idea of what lay ahead. Her partner withdrew in Albania after sickness
and Jane rode on.
Amazing resolve and performance.

          So as you all know I have finished yay!! Thank you so much for all of
your support its been invaluable, hope you are all up for it next year!
Any one around for a bit of a BBQ Saturday?


                                                    - Jayne and I are both now home
in our respective countries, and although pleased to be home I also feel sad
to have left the TCR family behind. To be surrounded by people who 'really'
understand what it was like, and who also haven't felt their toes in three
weeks, or who can't hold a fork, do up a zip or sign their name on a credit
card slip because their hands still don't function properly due to nerve
damage, was a comforting thing.

To chat to other riders at the finish and find out their backgrounds on the
bike was also comforting, as so many where seriously competitive road and
MTB racers with some serious pedigree! Which helped me feel a 'tiny' bit less
disappointed in what I did or didn't achieve considering my comparative lack
of experience on the bike.

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