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Mike Rice. Mike notched up the fastest time of the day by more than a minute,
he was in a bit of a hurry to finish as he had a plane to catch, while Debbie
Valentine led the women home in style. Several of us had a lovely breakfast
afterwards and I added 2mm to my waistline.

Within a few hours of this event, and only just on the same continent, Jayne
Wadsworth finished her epic ride from Belgium to Istanbul in the 4200km
Transcontinental Race. Jayne led the women home in this one, and apparently
got to the end looking fresh and bright like she’d just had a light Sunday ride.
Considering each of the 14 days started about 4am and covered an average
of 300km, this is really something to shout about. Mindblowing really. If you
haven’t already donated, she is still raising money for The Light Fund and
you can donate at

I hear we now have a date for this year’s edition of the Team Roller-Racing
Championships that we’re holding at Peckham Liberal Club. Keep Thursday
22nd October free, as last year’s event was an excellent evening, where we
celebrated our 125th in great fanfare, with a £125 prize for the winning team.
I won two pairs of socks. Not to be sniffed at.


                            GEORGE ROBERT WOOD
                                        1921 - 2015

                                    George was born on the 16th April 1921 in Fulham,
                                    southwest London, the eldest of three boys.

                                    Before too long he moved with his parents,
                                    George and Edith and brothers, Roy and Fred,
                                    to 5 Kentwode Green, Barnes SW13, barely a
                                    stone’s throw away from the River Thames. In
                                    more recent times he may well have joined a
                                    rowing club! Kentwode Green was the address
given when he was elected to membership of the De Laune Cycling Club on the

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