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my Mum had told me I jumped in. My bike was put in the back of he mechanic's
van. We picked up a couple more riders and were whisked to the top of the
hill then dispatched down the hill to the pub. Such a slick operation.

At the finish we were greeted by all the showroom staff and Sky staff clapping
and given excellent goodie bags and more smoothies and food. Malcolm
blagged a muc off bag as a birthday present for Alan. A total of 54 miles
ride in more hours than worth mentioning but a good day was had by all.

What a great response, the email for this event arrived in my inbox at
13:50 on the 8th August - I put it on the Clubs message board at 17:36
and Malcolm was soon on to it - very well done. Ed.

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       Prudential Ride London Surrey 100 - 2016

Hi, I made it around without incident, came across a couple of nasty incidents,
but no hold ups. Official time was 5hrs 20mins, Strava time, 5hrs 14mins,
difference due to comfort break & refilling bottles. An amazing experience,
highly recommend it.

                                                                        Richard Preece
I was held up for about 1 hour 30 mins. Which gave me a time of 7 hours 24
mins. As you said a great experience

                                                                           Chris Chalet

Special kudos to Adrian Bond (on front cover of August DLN) who completed
in 4 hours 37 minutes!

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