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CP2 done today, just about half way through the parcour. What
can I say, my rose tinted glasses of TCR3 came off yesterday, this is sooo
hard. My tracker number is 007 and I go up the furkapass tomorrow so l you
Bond fans wish me luck!! Here's a few pics from today, pretty amazing scenery
but my feet hurt

             So today has had its ups and downs....the Grimsel Pass, the
Furkapass, you get the gist! Here are some of my bed bits

            This morning was awful, yet more climbing and I couldn't wake up.
Had a little doze road side, a coke, crossed in to Italy and everything was
going so well until I hit Bolzano and got lost for 2 hours trying to find my way
out whilst avoiding the prohibited tunnel grrr. Couldn't face the climb to start
taking me up to CP3 so here I am eating dinner. They've put me in the
restaurant instead of outside with everyone else, do you think that is
indicative of the way I look!!! Here's some of today's highlights

            That I hope is the end of the climbing until Montenegro, yay! Got
scuppered again today this time by the weather. Headed over the San
Pellegrimo pass, yep where those lovely drinks are from - lots of water there,
and it chucked it down. Descended in my down jacket, rain jacket and hi viz
vest to CP3. Overly to catch up with some old faces from last year and some
new ones. The weather brightened so I headed up Passo Giau. It just got
colder and colder and wetter and wetter so I had to climb in all of the
aforementioned layers, Italy, mid August who would've thought it! By the time
I got down I could barely control the bike I was shaking so much. Checked in
to the closest hotel, had a bath now who can tell me how I can get my hands
clean again?

            Well that's more like it! Chilly start coming down the mountain and
my not so amazing Dynamo light seems to have broken under the strain of
the Dolomites, also lost a bolt out of my cleat last night?? So once in the
warmth of the Italian valley popped into an amazing bike shop # Aquisto
where they found me a front light which would fit around my overpadded
handlebars, replaced the missing bolt, pumped up my tyres and even oiled

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