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my chain, nice one! Then I bombed it out of Italy into Slovenia and then across
the border into Croatia where I have just eaten my dinner. On the Croatian
coast tomorrow so if the wind is blowing in the right its going to be amazing,
otherwise bloomin' hard work...anyone want to let me know if I might be better
heading inland a bit I warn you there's a huge hill to climb to get back up there
so please take that in to consideration with your advice! Oh and Ruddy, hope
the new ride is working out for you?

7 August I'm sitting at the side of the road in Croatia in the middle of 31mph
gusting winds. Been blown clean off my bike once, can't even walk with the
bike. Guess I could be here for some time

In an apartment in Senj waiting for the wind to die down, what a wasted day
Ho hum

            Made progress today just lounging about, for a few hours only you
understand, in Trogir - very nice. Great ride today had to do a bit of re-routing
around the A1 but should get back to the original plan tomorrow when I cross
in to Bosnia, hopefully in the morning sometime. Tracker is out I know, I put
2 new batteries in yesterday, that's all I had, and it doesn't seem to have
done the trick. Bought 4 new Alkaline ones today but my super duper multi
tool doesn't have a screwdriver the right size to open the case, any one got
any bright ideas? Might ask at hotel reception in the morning if not it will
have to wait until CP4

            So today I spent the day, ALL of the day, riding along the Croatian
Coast, a wonky route I know but absolutely beautiful. Next time I come this
way it will be just me, a bikini and a lilo. Don't see the need for anything else,
oh yeah a bottle opener! Spending the night in a Bosnian Villa, sounds posh
doesn't it? Really it's just a room with 3 beds! Nothing much else to report,
garmin cable broke., bought a new one and my arms are now peeling, oh the
comedy tan lines!! So many people seem to be getting sick on this event, no
idea what they are eating but I am sticking to anything containing chocolate
from the bakery and ice cream oh and Come (kills 99% of all known germs!)
hopefully it keeps on working.

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