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Club Open 25 – August 2016

                 Fred Peachey Memorial

    Well, a disappointing entry of just 43 riders this year, just 3 club members
included on the start sheet. What we lacked in riders we made up for by
way of helpers – 20 plus a dog in total.

    The day commenced a little disappointingly, to match the entry, with a
fine drizzle covering the road, but as luck would have it as the rider's left the
start area the drizzle was blown away by the rising westerly wind to allow
the sun to hazily appear. Whilst I placed the last of the Cycle Event Signs
round the course the hall was being prepared by Val, Mick and Ann.

    Ian and Claire ably took control of the finish timekeeper roles whilst Val
acted as start timekeeper. Mike Peel and Roy Savery used their muscles
on the pushing off front. Bill Wright kindly stepped in at the very last minute
to man the signing on in the absence of Geoff Sinnett who reported sick.
(Hope you are feeling better now Geoff).

    Our marshals arrived mob handed in the shape of Kav, Stack Tich to take
care of the Ashford end of the course, Malcolm, Alan Rowe and Alan
Constable covered the Charing roundabout whilst Debbie, Mick (+ dog) and
Lenny Brown ensured everyone turned at the Leeds roundabout to pass Claire
and Ian who were patiently waiting at the finish. Val changed 'hats' and took
the rider's times over the phone whilst sitting in the car park, from Claire
and supplied the result board 'staff' with all the information.

    An essential task of the day – taking care of spoons and cakes - was
ably attended to by Jean, Lyn and Pat Connor whilst Mick and Ann Hartley
kept the result board up to date.

    All in all the event went off without a hitch – the winning time was
recorded by Daniel Tolhurst (PMR) with 54.02 who also earnt himself the
Fred Peachey Trophy for one year. The fastest Junior was Joshua Clark (Rye

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