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& Dist) with 1.0.38 and earnt the Johnson Trophy for one year. Fastest
club rider was Steve Carter Smith in 1.8.22, second was Dave Haggart in
1.10.05 and third Richard Preece 1.10.23.

    The morning was concluded at our usual haunt at the local cafe in Lenham
Square amidst chatter and the eating of food.

    In closing, some may have been aware that the hall caretaker Ron Beale
was taken ill whilst we were there – with the assistance of Val and other
members Ron was taken by ambulance to William Harvey Hospital, Ashford
with his daughter where he was treated and later released home. Val rang
him on Monday after the event, his response to 'how are you' - absolutely
fantastic !!! He was full of praise for our assistance and attention and
wanted to thank all those involved.

    Another member joins the Octogenarian’s

                         ROY SAVERY

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