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                 There ain't no party like a TCR party

August 14, 2016

                                          Jayne completes the
                                   women's podium, finishing
                                   # in 16d//1h//47m.
                                   Her 2nd finish of a
                                   Transcontinental Race.

                                               I not able to tell you much about
                                               Jayne’s race but she would have
                                               ridden close on 4000kms but had
                                               quite a few problems on the way.

                                               Having to re-route due to a road
being close, again when she was unable to go through a tunnel, torrential
storms and getting blown off her bike meant resting up for a day,tracker not

         #TCRNo4 on my way to Belgium. Bike is packed and heavy! Nervous
and excited. See you on the road!

          Phew that was a hot one today rode from 10pm last night until 6pm
today had a good night/morning then it all went wrong bad sleep deprivation
and garmin failures all slowed me down then it got really hot. Ho hum made
it to Auxerre with some great tan lines already!!

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