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Had a phone call from Malcolm 'What
                                               you doing Saturday? Something we
                                               had planned had fallen through so we
had an unexpected free day. From then on everything fell into place. Malcolm
said check on the forum. Having looked at the forum it made me think we
really must make more use of this. It is how internet based clubs survive and

We had an invitation to ride with full Team Sky support and free of
charge(Mick's ears pricked up)

On Saturday we arrived at a very swish SMC ford dealership in Crayford to
be greeted by Sky backroom team, cars ,mechanic and a Toure De France
yellow Ford Mustang. Malcolm ,Alan, Mick and myself were offered smoothies
and other snacks before a short film on sky and a briefing before being sent
off in our groups.

Malcolm and I had seen the course profile and decided we wanted to go in, I
won't say the slow group as this might upset Mick and Alan so I shall say
the less fast group. Being a team we went together.

The route wasn't the best and a few locals could not understand why were
going on dual carriageways when there are alternatives. It was like a route
designed by car. The route took us up Boxley Hill, much worse than Box hill
with over 17%climb. It was great being passed on he hill by the fully equipped
Team Sky car asking me if I was okay? I
had seen it on the television and knew
the protocol was a thumbs up and smile.
Further up the hill Alan who couldn't get
out of his 21 sprocket and hit some
leaves dismounted with the support car
behind him. I thought if Alan, a world
champion is getting off so am I. This is
when the efficiency of Team sky and
marginal gains really count. I was offered a lift in the car, forgetting all that

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