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We had roller racing with our Belgium food. If you go to the 6-day race in Gent
you would see the riders going around the track with the diners in the middle.
Now the middle is full of drinkers.

The first Belgium Night went down well with a full house. It went down so well
that we dropped the roller racing for more bottoms on seats. Well Bill that is
how we got the name The Belgium Night.

As the organizing team is now getting older, (some are over 80) we need new
blood with new ideas.

A big thanks to George, Steve, Simon, Titch and Cassea our waiters. Mike and
Stax and of course Cliff and Carol who all made it happen. Thanks Guys.

Kav. PS Thank you Jayne and Jules for a great Roller night. You made it happen.


Whilst travelling to London by train to the Pedal Club Lunch recently I was
entertained by two rather large gentlemen sitting opposite. Clearly neither
of them had even looked at a bike or kicked a ball for decades yet the were very
verbose on the recent thunderbolt of drug cheats within the Russian Team and
their possible ban from the forthcoming Olympic Games.

They continued to regale the dreadful cyclists who rode in skintight clothing
leaving nothing to the imagination and as for the female tennis players who
went onto the court in their knickers, well that was all too much. Clearly they
thought that everyone who didn't meet their standards should be also be

Despite the fact that I was wearing my Pedal Club tie clearly showing a bike
this had no bearing on their conversation. Thankfully the weather was kind
and I could quite legitimately stare out of the window at the 'scenery' going by,
but the commentary was entertaining.

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