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It was often a struggle to get copy from members – like any good editor
I just used to make up odd articles with topical issues in mind in the hope
that I would get some responses the following months. It worked most of
the time. Unlike today's publication, we had no opportunity to include
photographs unless they were photocopied and inserted in at the compilation
stage, though Tony was excellent at producing line drawings with the use of
a stylus pen – he did have to be watched ! On one occasion I asked him to
create a large advert for a jumble sale due to be held at the old clubroom –
what did I get – an advert for a GUMBLE sale – fortunately I noticed it before

    Whilst producing the DLN I was also producing the Southboro Gazette
(my own club) a job I had been doing since the mid 60's. The production line
was a lot easier, I collated all articles typing up where necessary, the typed
pages were collected by one of the club members and photocopied, returning
everything to me for compilation. As a family we all helped out at compilation
stage – I remember the front page of the Southboro Gazette had a picture
of an old bike on the front, Claire had the job of using a rubber stamp to
place the month and year as appropriate. It was essential to ensure that
copy and publication dates never coincided otherwise it would have been even
greater chaos. I also embarked upon an Open University Degree course at
this time which lasted 6 long years. When Tony and I retired the task was
taken up by Peter Harris for 5 years, followed by Yvonne Starsmeare for a
short spell then subsequently Mark in 1994.

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