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for the rest of us to eat it all (cups and badges excluded). Thank you all very
much for this – Gary enjoyed himself too.

I was sorry not to have made it to the annual Newnham gathering, where we
remember those lost in the wars, as I was away in Wales at my graduation
ceremony. I hope it went well - thank you to Malcolm for standing in for me,
and Dave King for providing the wreath. Every time I drive into North Wales
I’m greeted by some fabulous hills, which still manage to look dramatic even
when the top half is invisible through mist. It’s a look that the M25 has never
managed to match up to, though the North Downs do still have a special
place in my heart.

November has been quite a busy month for me, and I’ve only managed to cycle
to work once. Out of a month of five Sundays, I’ve spent four of them timing
cyclocross races. Cyclocross has been an amazing success story over the
past few years, with a massive increase in numbers. Ten years ago, having a
hundred riders was quite something, but there have been around 300 per
event in SE League events this season. To support this we’ve been building
a timing system, which is now working quite well, despite being designed on
a shoestring budget. It uses electronic tags on the riders’ helmets, three
laptops, a big metal gantry and more cables than are on the floor behind my
telly. Progress!

This month we welcome two returning members from back in the day [help

*Mark, I don’t have their names, they were sitting with me at the Belgium

Night!], though we’re sorry to say farewell to Juliet Sprake, Steve Valentine,

and Jayne Wadsworth, who have all done wonderful things for our club, but

now renewing their careers for 2016 under a new  . We wish

them well – they aren’t going far anyway and are staying as 2nd claim members.

Keep in touch!

Next up is the Christmas Club Run, in Richmond Park on 6th December. I’m
looking forward to getting my legs out, who knows I might even bring my bike
too. We’ll start at 9.30 from the car park near Roehampton Gate, so try to
arrive by 9am as Kav points out the car park can get quite busy quite early.
If you’re coming by car, that is. I now have to decide if I can manage to cycle

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