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Belgium Night.

Another good night for our members and guests. I remember, in last months
DLN, our President Bill saying what is the Belgium Night? Well, young man,
let me tell you.

As we know, Belgium is made up with borders on different countries. We have
France, Holland and Germany and the language can be a bit of a mix-up and
so is our Belgium Night!

First is our Belgium beer, which I buy from France. The berets I could not find
in France, so we bought them in Belgium. The Belgium flags we could not find
in Belgium so Stax bought them in England.

Originally at our Belgium Night we would ask our members to stand up to our
National Anthem and by mistake we played the German Anthem. It went
down well so we kept it in but, unfortunately, the DVD player gave up the
ghost and it was not the same coming from an IPhone.

Cliff’s food is the highlight of the evening, but even Cliff has run out of ideas
for Belgium food. No, we have not had chips with mayonnaise yet.

Well Mr. President, you did ask how we got the name The Belgium Night. Let
me tell you. We found that the Club Dinner night format was dying through
lack of interest. I can remember Mike having to cancel the dinner with only
about 15 people going. If you remember we had speeches that went on forever.
We had the prize presentations also going on forever. We had a small band
that would play for the ballroom dancers. (I can remember dear old Reg
Dawkins with Min going around the floor as if it was the Strictly Come Dancing
competition) It was good, but that was years ago.

When I became President I had to get the club dinner back with a new format.
Now this is where the Belgium name came in. With the help of Cliff, Mike, Tich
and Stax we decided to run a Belgium Night 6 day cycle race for one night

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