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We had a massive storm lasting a couple of days in October and the results
       were quite catastrophic in the townships, with many homes and people being
       washed away. We were warned not to venture out unless totally essential.
       Summer  arrived  early  September  with  cold  spells  and  quite  heavy  rains,
       thunder and lightning, Jumpers and blankets come out. All these things are
       hidden away while we have winter. Shorts and short sleeve shirts are the
       norm for around five months with blue Skies and rarely a threat of rain. Roll
       on next April.

      They tell us we will miss the Durban winters when in New Zealand, as cold and
       even snow is the norm there. So while we wait we will make the most of the
       world’s best winters!

       Our  sport  generally  is  on  the  up,  World  Athletic  champions  van  Niekerk,
       Semenya & Manyanga, champion swimmers Le Clos & Cameron. Our cricket
       team rated amongst the top teams, our Rugby, (national sport for the white
       population)  amongst  the  top  countries,  ignoring  our  recent  big  defeats
       against Ireland and New Zealand. Even our cyclist, Louis Meintjies & Darryl
       Impey are up there with the best, and don’t forget Chris Froome - Kenya born
       and South African bred, borrowed only by his racing license by the Brits! Our
       soccer, few white players, draws the biggest crowds of all sports, idolized by
       the African population, hogs the daily newspaper headlines, more than its
       fair share on local TV and sits around the 70s in world rankings. And not
       making the World Cup Finals again!

       Healthwise, I was in hospital for three days early in the year with pneumonia
       and Judi not to be outdone had bronchial pneumonia during the year. Both
       of us are now fit healthy and gymming it three times a week. We decided the
       sickness was but a slight mishap which happens only to others!

       If  anyone  would  like  to  drop  us  a  line  or  two  we  can  be  reached  at
      ‘  Wishing  you  all  a  blessed  Christmas  and  a
       prosperous New Year.

      Ted & Judi McDonald
       Durban South Africa

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