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                                            1939  - 2017
                       Sadly, Wally (my father) passed away while in Malta on the
                       27th October. He suffered a sudden heart attack.
                       He spoke fondly of his time cycling with De Laune back then
                       (often when he was meant to be at school!) and inspired
                       me to ride from an early age. I now live in Australia and will
                       be back soon to arrange his funeral.
                         Best regards
       Dad was a frequent visitor to Pedal Back Cafe in Broadway market, Tooting.
      They have started a cycle club and are dedicating their next ride to Wally.
       Best regards

          I am not certain when Wally first joined the Club but I think it was 1954 as the
       first his name appeared in the DLN was in November of that year. Since he rejoined
       in 2016 I had two long phone chats with him. He told me that he emigrated to America
       and was in there army (1958-66) and posted to Germany, Japan & South Korea on
       his return to the UK he  was employed by the British transport police (1966-89) and
       I found the following in a book “Tracking the Hooligans” the history of football violence
       on the UK rail network.

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