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Adrian Bond  won the De Laune Challenge Bowl as 1 st in  the Club Championship
       25 in a time of 1.6.20.   A medal for the fastest rider in the August club
       event 10 mile TT in a time of   24.53
      A  medal  for  winning  the  handicap  competition  with  an  improvement  of

      The  last  presentation  of  the  day  was  officiated  by  Mark  Ballamy  –  the
       presentation of the Silverdale How Shield to Roy Savery for his services to
       the club over many years.

       Hearty thanks were extended to Pat and Len for all their hard work, carrying
       on the traditions of the club by providing the opportunity for us to applaud
       our racing members.   Pat & Len have intimated that they will gladly be
      'promoters' for this event in 2018 – God bless them – we need a few more
       like them to step up to the plate.

                                                         �Steve Carter- Smith

                                                        �The Organizers

                                                               Photos by KAV
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