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Although the morning was bright and sunny it was extremely cold so we
       were all very pleased of a warming cuppa after returning from the wreath
       laying procedure     Even more pleased to see the lady organist had morphed
       into a tea lady serving warming tea, coffee and home made goodies.

          It was good to have the company of a few of the local congregation, many
       of whom we see on a regular basis, they are always pleased to see a large
       group in their church from London, even if it is only once a year.

          We managed a total of 21 club members and friends this year – they
       consisted of Brian Saxton, Terri Shotten, Mark Ballamy, Mike Peel, John
       Kavanagh, Roy Savery, Val & Tony Peachey, Roy Chittleborough and Maureen,
       Dick Bradley (SFA), Derek Boon and Marian, Debbie and Mick Valentine, Jean
       and Alan Rowe, Lyn and Malcolm Adams, Don and Beryl White.      Lunch was
       a bit noisy with a crowd but no one complained  !!

          The George was under new management this year, whether it is because
       we are getting older but the young waitressing staff seemed as though they
       could be fresh out of school.    Very efficient though.

          As I said earlier it was a bright sunny morning, so bright that the sun
       was quite a problem going to Newnham around the narrow lanes to the church,
       it was no better on the way home as, strangely enough the sun had moved
       round 6 hours later and was again troublesome on the way home.    There
       are days when you just cannot win.

          Just a thought to bear in mind, 2020 will be our 100 th year visit for this
       memorial service it would be so good to see many more attending.   The
       picture  on  the  front  of  last  month's  DLN  showed  in  the  region  of  50+
       attendees, some look to be a local scout group but nevertheless many club
       people as well.   All food for thought.

      Val the Peach

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