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flooding in the town. However they get quite a lot of this sort of thing here
       during the rainy season and a week later we were told everything was cleaned
       up and open. And it is - but there does still seem to be quite a lot of water

       Cycling is quite a good way to get about because the terrain is fairly flat,
       but down near the river you do need to be fairly certain of which bits are road
       and which bits aren't. [see cycling pic] It's mostly the little kids and the old
                                      ladies  (and  the  tourists)  who  cycle.
                                     Teenagers are generally on electric bikes, and
                                      almost  everyone else on motorbikes.

                                     Thurs 23 Nov
                                      Now  further  south  in  Ho  Chi  Minh  City,
                                      (generally  referred  to  as  Saigon  by  the
                                      south  Vietnamese).  The  weather  is  a  lot
                                      better,  apart  from  the  occasional
                                      thunderstorm,  and  the  traffic  is  a  lot
                                      heavier,  apart  from  -  actually  apart  from
                                      nothing, it's ALWAYS heavy, day and night.

                                      Motorbikes rule here, apparently 5 million of
                                      them  in  HCM.  They  have  a  much  more
                                      economical sense of personal space than in
                                      the UK, think of a continental pro peloton,
                                      and  you  get  an  idea  how  close.  [see
                                      motorbikes  pic]  Except  that  in  a  peloton
       everyone is going in the same direction, and there aren't pedestrians crossing
       through the middle.

       If you want to cross the road, then you just cross the road, and cars and
       motorbikes magically avoid you. None of this 'right of way' nonsense - everyone
       has right of way, but gives it too since no-one actually wants an accident.
       Pedestrians seem to have precedence, but that doesn't stop motorbikes
       riding on the pavement when the roads clog up. It's a little annoying having

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