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If you read my article on Doddington Post Office in last month's DLN you
       may like to know that the postcard was one of a series of six, all displaying
       places  of  interest  in  the  Newnham/Doddington  area.  They  were  sent  by
      William Condy (who was on holiday in Newnham) to his mother. William is
       centre in the photograph and is with his brothers, Charles (pipe in hand) and
      Waiter. The photograph was taken in 1906 in the back garden of the Duke of
       Edinburgh pub in Merton, Surrey.

       I first had contact with the Condy family when I was the club archivist in
       2006. A Mrs Joan McConachie, William's eldest daughter, had requested a
       copy of the Club History. I had a series of letters from Joan who informed
       me  that  her  father  had  died  in  1974  at  the  age  of  92.  A  short  time
       afterwards a member of the De Laune (she couldn't remember who) had
       visited  her  and  she  had  handed  over  most  of  her  father's  records  (he
       evidently catalogued every race, time, date, course, distance, etc). One item
       she kept was a book about his holiday with his brothers and Waiter Niblett,
       also a club member, to Brittany and Normandy in July 1909.

       One particular day they cycled 65 miles (I assume this would have been
       quite an achievement considering their very basic bikes and the poor state
       of the roads), meeting up with Frenchmen who had never set eyes on an

      As the brothers' days in the saddle faded with the years, Joan would take
       her father and Uncle Charlie in her car every weekend to the various pubs in
       Kent, Surrey and Sussex to meet up with the club runs -regardless of the
       fact that her father did not drink!

       Joan was happy to hear that the club was still in existence. For these three
       brothers  -  great  pals  -  the  De  Laune  was  their  entire  youth.  The  last
       correspondence I had with Joan was in 2013 when she was 96 years of age.
       In her letter she offered to provide a further trophy to be awarded to an
       older rider - maybe cyclist of the year, or cyclist with most attendances at
       meetings, or perhaps something suggested by the club. She had already
       donated the Condy Cup in 1979 to commemorate the club's 90 th year, and
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