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Thanks to all the hard work put in by Pat & Len Brown, 42 club members and
       their families enjoyed a superb lunch on 28 th October at the 3 Horseshoes
       PH.     Tony and I arrived early to assist with the decorations at the venue
       just before guests gradually arrived.   Whilst they were meeting and greeting
       over a bevvy or two (or for some coffee !) they had time to view the gallery
       of photos Len had managed to gather together of old and current members,
       both  on and off bikes all of which caused some laughs and memories to flow.
       Roy Savery brought along a couple of bikes and placed these by the photos,
       I think they were for everyone to clean his chains with their trousers or
       dresses in truth.

       Good to see all of the Carter Smith family to cheer on Steve, the main
       recipient of the trophies this year.    A past member welcomed back was Gary
       Birch  and  wife  Linda,    good  to  see  him  looking  fit  and  well  and  sort  of
       intimating he could be making a comeback, also Yvonne Gregory, missing from
       our ranks for many months, came along primarily to catch up with Gary.
      We don  t see much of Trish and Dave Rudd, mainly because of their relocation
       to Suffolk, however Dave has managed to fit in a couple of club events of late.
      Val Skelton remains a frequent visitor to our socials and is always welcome,
       much like Dick Bradley from the San Fairy Ann.    Although not a member
       Dick often joins us at Newnham as he appreciates the tradition and history
       involved with the occasion.

       Peter Jenn was busy signing early Christmas cards.    Some members may
       not  know  that  Peter  is  a  talented  artist  and  these  cards  were  his
       interpretation  of  a  De  Laune  member  'participating'  on  the  Lea  Valley
      Velodrome  in  the  London  6  Day.          I  shall  save  my  card  for  display  at
       Christmas time.

       Lunch over our President Bill commenced the prize presentations with ladies
       up first, this was Debbie Valentine for a medal at 10 miles as the fastest
       lady in the first club event.     Debbie was busy earlier in the year promoting

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