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our open 10 in June and is a glutton for punishment as she is taking the
       promotion on again in 2018.    Well done Debs.

       Our second recipient was Roy Savery as the winner of JEF Butcher Memorial
      Trophy + Medal in the OMA 10.    Also an age related club record at 81 for 10
       miles with a time of 28.48.

      The third recipient Steve Carter Smith basically cleared the heavily laden
       table of trophies of
      The Johnson Cup + medal as winner of Veterans TT Championship on standard.
      Alf Baldwin Memorial Cup fastest rider on scratch in the Club Championship
       Miles Trophy + Medal  fastest rider of the year at 50 Miles in  2.12.45
      Alan Maughan Trophy + Medal  fastest rider in the Midsummer 25  in 1.5.54
       Golden Jubilee Bowl + Medal   fastest rider in the Autumn 25   1.3.57
       1 st placed club rider in the Club Open 10 in May  in 25.02
      A medal for 2 nd place in Club Championship 25    in 1.8.48
      A medal for 2 nd place on scratch in OMA 10  in     25.34
      A medal for 2 nd place on Standard in OMA 10
      A medal for 2 nd place in August 10 mile TT   25.21
      A medal for 2 nd place in the Handicap Competition with an improvement of

       In his acceptance speech Steve thanked his family for the support they had
       given  him  throughout  the  year  but  was  disappointed  at  the  absence  of
       competition for the trophies from members, he would dearly liked to have had
       greater opposition however he is looking forward to seeing many more De
       Laune jerseys in the frame for 2018.

       Unfortunately 3 members were unable to attend the lunch to collect their
       awards, namely
       David Haggart was due to be awarded a medal for being 2 nd  in the Veterans
      TT Championship and a medal for 2 nd placed club rider in the Open 10 in May.
       Chris Gordon Coker was 1 st  on scratch in the OMA 10 with a time of 25.31
       and would have received the K&D Fuller 25 th Anniversary Trophy + Medal
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