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at a committee meeting on the 25 th October 1979 it was proposed by John
       Double and seconded by Jack Young that the cup be awarded to the winner
       of the Club Juvenile Time Trial Championship, which was agreed. The cup was
       awarded  that  year  and  then  only  up  until  1992.  Therefore,  rather  than
       disappoint her and point out the same could happen to a further trophy, I
       made the excuse that members were not happy these days to have valuable
       trophies at home with the prohibitive insurance costs involved, etc. (I have
       noted that there are no names engraved on the trophy from 1993 to date).

       Evidently Joan's eldest grandson is keeper of all the Condy family's cycling

                             Newnham 2017

          Firstly thank you to Malcolm for organising our lunch at The George
       following our service in Newnham Church.     As usual we were made very
       welcome by the verger and his team.   Unfortunately the resident vicar was
       not able to take the service today as he had duties to carry out at a nearby
       church,  apparently  they  have  2  vicars  to  cover  7  local  churches  so  it  is
       inevitable that someone is going to be unlucky.    Roy gave his usual sermon,
       included  in  his  delivery
       today  was  a  very
       poignant  poem  of  the
       death  of  a  regular
       soldier.     The wreath
       laying and dedication to
       our fallen clubmen in the
       1914-1918  and  1939-
       1945  conflicts  was
       again   carried    out
       efficiently  by  Malcolm,
       he  had  clearly  located
       the elusive nail on the wall beforehand.

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