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A lovely sunny day and off I set from Croydon. i was using my mobile as a sat nav for
       only the second time and after a very strange route it set me on, I managed to find
       my bearings.

       I arrived at the Three Horseshoes and was pleased to see what a nice venue had been
       chosen. Bought myself a drink, then walked into the dining room. The room looked
       lovely and it was good to see some familiar faces.

       Garry arrived with Linda, his wife, and it was really good to meet her at last. The food
       was served and was really good. Garry had to wait a while for both his starter and
       main course. Eventually when they did arrive, he enjoyed them both!!

       It felt strange that there wasn't any cross toasting, but one plus was that there
       could be plenty of chatting.

      The prizes were then presented. Steve Carter-smith did really well. U must have had
       a big car to take them home in!! Garry collected quite a few prizes on behalf of winners
       that hadn’t been able to make it. It became a standing joke that the winner was going
       to be Garry.

       I really enjoyed the afternoon. It was really good
       to  talk  to  Mark,  especially  about  being  DLN
       editor. He took over from me 25 years ago and
       said that he was only meant to be doing it for
       three months!!

      Almost forgot to say congrats to Roy for
       winning the Silverdale How shield.
                                                Garry  &  Linda,  Garry  is  a  past
      Thanks to Len and Pat for organising such a member  of  the  club  and  has
       lovely afternoon.                        returned to the UK after some 20
                                                plus years in America

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