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n Broadway market, tooting.
       November 9 at 3:51pm · London ·

      Today we found out our legend of a customer who was with us from the
       beginning, Wally sadly passed away. He's the cool dude with his cycling group
       3rd from left in his younger years. He shared many cycling and army memories
       with us & was always a breath of fresh air in our cafe. Hand on heart we can
       say we all bloody loved Wally & he will be truly missed. .
                                       The photo was in the October DLN

       Hi All
       South Africa still has it’s lovely beaches, beautiful game parks, cheap holidays,
       great exchange rates and cheap beer but with the crime, violence, corruption,
       crime ridden, unstable government, unsafe for visitors to walk the beaches
       or streets at night, all of us living in houses with burglar guards at all windows,
       security gates on all doors and the perimeters fenced with razor wire, we
       have become just another ‘typical’ African country.

       Can’t escape easily with exchange rates UK 19:1, New Zealand and Australian
       (if you can get in) 10/11:1. Far cry from the Sunny South Africa with exchange
       rate 1.7:1 we came to 40 odd years ago.

      With the best winters in the world and both of us still very much alive. Life is
       very much a challenge, you only have ignore what’s going on around.

       Enjoy your reading of African Letter 2017
       Regards and love to all
      Ted & Judi
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