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daughter, son in law, two grand children and four great grand children.

      To emigrate to New Zealand on the grandparent sponsored scheme you have
       to submit an EOI  Expression Of Interest which after acceptance  you wait
       until you are invited to apply for Residence and a visa, sit and wait until it’s
       your turn. Unfortunately there is such a backlog of parents/grandparents
       going to stay with family that the government has suspended all invites since
       October 2016 (our acceptance for an invite was December 2015) until at
       least July 2018 and with still no guarantee that the invites will start again.
      The Chinese and Indian families easily outstrip the European applicants in
       this method with the backlog comprising 50% Chinese and 20% Indian families
       with many of the sponsoring children failing to adhere to the five year caring
       stipulation the sponsorship carries, the cost to the NZ government running
       into millions. When they finally lift the suspension the sponsorship period will
       increase to ten years.

      To retire in New Zealand without family being involved the NZ Government
       require a current annual income of NZ$45 000, NZ$1 000 000 to invest for
       a minimum of four years and a further NZ$500 000 for settlement and with
       the current exchange rate of South African Rand to the New Zealand Dollar
       being 10:1, we will just sit and wait!
      Anyway to compensate for staying a while longer in Sunny SA we do get all
       the Premier League games every week, so I keep up to date watching the
       Spurs. TV is very good for our almost ‘third world’ country, with Sky and
       although belated, many of the good UK programs all the soapies and series-
       what more could we ask for!

      We  often  watch  Prime  Minister’s  Question  Time  on  Sky  quite  a  civilised
       occasion in comparison with ours, always fun and games with the EFF party
       our ‘enfant terrible’ of politics. Dressed in their red overalls they disrupt just
       about anything with regard to Zuma.  Just recently the Finance Minister was
       trying to make his mid season Budget Speech and was stopped from even
       starting by the EFF. This party gets so much support from the Africans in
       the  street  that  it  will  be  quite  scary  if  they  ever    get  into  power.  They
       advocate redistribution of land without compensation and secretly would
       like all whites to leave the country.

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